Chapter 18 – Meeting… Mother?

Dia: “Wow… this is big. It is bigger than my home.”

Me: “Yeah, how big is this place?”

Kician: “Ehhh, sorry I don’t remember. Though thank you again for coming with me. My mother keep pressing on with our matter.”

Me: “I did promise to help and go to your house right? I intend to keep my promise…”

My promise to Kician… When I think about it, could he be proposing to me? I really hope that is not the case. I don’t want my man pride to take another hit. I should have realize Yuuki won’t just give us a simple gift that has no real purpose..



Dia jumps off her bed and rush over

Dia: “What? What is going on!?”

Me: “The bracelet was… an analyzer.”

Dia: “Oh it show up on yours as well? I got level 3, you?”

Me: “My… Level… 8”

Dia: “What?”

Me: “Level 8…”

Dia: “I… lost by so much.”

Then I close my eye to see if it shows up on my stats and I see…

Lv8 Girl Power: You are a very charming girl. Even the smallest movement can capture a man’s sight. You are one who can be considered as an everyone’s idol.

I want to kill myself. While feeling depressed, Miyu opens the door and enters while showing her bracelet. When I take a look, it has a number 5 on it.

Dia: “I… lost to Miyu. No way, am I that bad?”

Miyu: “You are a good person, but not very girly.”

Dia then turn to me for my answer. Let’s see, girls parts of Dia. She has a pretty nice body… but she is a bit of a muscle head… She does take care of her hair quite a bit… but don’t use conditioner often. Wait a second, there has to be something girly about her. Does being neat count? Ehh…

Me: “I… think you are girly in your own way.”

Dia: “Haha… I see…”


Okay just one second, this is just getting depressing when I think about it.

Kician: “We are here.”

Kician then gets off first and offer his hand to me. I don’t really need help but there is several butlers and maids standing side by side watching us. I should just go with the flow.

I take his hand and get off the carriage but for some reason, he only help me and left  Dia and Miyu alone. I look at Kician trying hint him to help those two without saying anything but he just gives me a face of confusion. Seriously, this is just wrong. Even if I am the main guest, you should still show some basic etiquette to the other girl.

Butler: “Welcome back young master. Is this lady the one you mentioned?”

Kician: “Yes, you know what to do.”

Butlet: “Of course.”

The butler then waves his hand several maids come over. Then one of the maid whos uniform is slightly different speaks up. I guess she is like the head maid or something.

Head Maid: “This way please, we need to get you ready. For your companion, please follow butler Morse.”

Me: “Okay…”

I don’t understand why I need to get ready. More like, what should I get ready for? I don’t want to go in anymore but it’s not like I can just run away now… What should I do?

As I am thinking all that, the head maids seems to get a little impatient.She signal two maids beside her and pull me by my arm and lead me in. I’m scared… I’m not sure why but I’m really scared right now.


Head Maid: “My, you look amazing. I’m sure madam Trikrag would be pleased as well.”

The maids dressed me up like a dress up doll into a really fancy dress. The form of this dress is almost like a wedding dress or something one would wear for traditional party.

This one I’m wearing is current a blue dress with several butterfly imprinted on the skit. This dress would’ve been really nice if it wasn’t a bit bulky. Because of it, this dress is kind of hard to move in. If not for the etiquette skill, I probably would have hard time standing up from a chair or walk properly with heels.

Me: “Do I have to wear this?”

Head Maid: “I know this is uncomfortable for you but your clothes earlier does not have enough elegance. If you were wearing something with higher standard then it would’ve been fine.”

Me: “I see…”

Then someone knocks on the door. Then the one who speaks is Kician.

Kician: “May I enter?”

Head Maid: “Yes, we just finished.”

As Kician walk in and looks at me, he opens his mouth surprised. I don’t want a guy to look at me like that but it is kind of funny to see such reaction.

Several seconds had passed and he is still frozen there in awe.

Me: “You alright?”

Kician: “Huh? Oh, yeah… It’s just you look extremely beautiful with the dress.”

Me: “Oh uhmm… Thank you.”

Kician then extend his hand to me. It looks like he will escort me to meet his… mother I guess? I am getting scared now since even this dress looks a bit like a wedding dress. While thinking that, I still take his hand and let him lead me.


Why does it take 5 minute walk to get to the meeting place? I knew this place is big but this is unnecessary huge.

Head Maid: “Madam is already waiting inside. Please enter.”

The butler who is at the door opens it and we walks in. A woman who looks is in her early 30 is sitting down on a sofa with a fan covering half of her face.

Madam Trikrag: “Is she the one?”

Kician: “Yes mother, this is Naomi Hajiura.”

After saying that, Kician lead me to the opposite side of sofa to sit down. Every since I came to this world, all the chairs I sit in is hard. The feeling of myself sinking into the sofa is surprisingly comfortable.

Me: “Hello Madam Trikrag, I am Naomi Hajiura.”

Then I lower my head as part of the greeting since I haven’t greet her at all. I feel like the etiquette skill is doing it’s work but greeting someone with higher position than me like this shouldn’t be good. However, I feel like this is fine.

Madam Trikrag: “Good good, when I heard you are a commoner, I thought you may act like a barbarian. My apology to you. As for me, I am Priska Trikrag, feel free to call me Priska.”

Me: “It’s alright and I don’t dare to call you on such friendly bases. As you said, I am only a commoner myself who happens to gain some etiquette skill through chance. If is not for the skill, I may have displeased madam Trikrag the moment I enter.”

I lower my head once more. Well, my family is slightly on the higher end of middle class but that is it. The person in front of me holds the title of an earl. Which means she is a mid-class noble.

If I remember correctly, mid-class nobles are Marquis, Earl, and Viscount. Higher nobles are Archduke, duke, and viceroy. Then the lower nobles are Baron, Baronet, and Chevalier. For someone who holds a position right in the middle of all ranks, I must be very careful on what I say.

Priska: “As for someone who could enter this family, you don’t need to hold back. However, I do have a few questions, may I ask?”

Me: “Go ahead.”

I don’t know why but did she just talk about me marrying into her family? If that were to happen… that means I will have to marry Kician. When that thought comes to my mind, I couldn’t help but take a glance at Kician who is sitting next to me with the corner of my eyes. He notice that and smiles at me, I don’t want to get married with him so I just simply turn my focus to Priska.

Priska: “First I will have to apologize to you once more. I used the analyze magic on you when you enter and that is some impressive stats and skills. As for the first question, why do you not use your original name? Could the reason be because you are a dimension traveler?”

Me: “Ah… well that is…”

I pause for a bit since that really surprised me. How am I supposed to answer that? Just simply be honest and tell her I was originally a boy? I don’t want people to think of me as some weird transvestite though. I’ll just tell her half the to story… yeah, I’ll do that.

Priska: “I see, so you feel like with your new body. That name is more appropriate. I don’t know your culture very well but that is reasonable. As for the second question, what is that girl power skill in your special section?”

Wait… WHAT??? She can read through everything? Great, now she knows I’m filled with combat skills for sure. I show a surprised face but noticing it is improper, I recover from it quickly.

Me: “It is from a magic item which my friend made. It analyze your activities and rate it base on how feminine those activities are. I don’t know the detail but it may be an item which will circulate through the market soon. If you are interested, I may be able to obtain a few for you.”

Priska: “Oh? So it is a magic item that will register the evaluation into your stats? That sounds quite useful. Tell your friend I am willing to invest into that item production. Then let’s move onto the last question. How do you feel about my second son here?”

She ask at the moment when I was drinking the tea that head maid brew. It has a nice aroma so I can’t help but enjoy it. Though that timing makes me choke on it for a little. I think I manage to hide the fact I choked but I can feel my face turning red because of it.

Me: “Ah… I”

Priska: “I see, if you turn red like that from a single question like that, your feeling must be strong.”

Me: “Ah wait I”

Priska: “Don’t worry, since you put me into a good mood. I’ll try to convince Hamish when he gets back.”

Priska then stands up and start walking away. This is my last chance but just as I am about to speak up, Kician shouted happily.

Kician: “Thank you mother!! I knew you would like her!”

Priska then nod near the door and left… My only hope is his father to reject it, but I heard most of the power in the Trikrag family is hold by the female head. This is not good isn’t it…

Me: “Are we actually going to get married?”

Kician: “Since mother agreed, I don’t think my father will have any objection. Mother is the one managing everything in the house and the financial welfare of this city.”

This city, Krakon, has population around 120,000 people. This is quite a bit to manage from one person. She probably has some people helping her or else I can’t imagine the amount of paper work she needs to do.

Me: “Wow, she is amazing if she does everything by herself.”

Kician: “Yeah, I really respect mother.”

The door opens again and Dia and Miyu enters. Though Dia has a big grind on her face.

Dia: “I guess everything went well. Madam Trikrag seems happy.”

Kician: “Yeah, I don’t think father will object too. Anyways, we can rest here tonight. It is getting late so why don’t we have dinner together?”

Miyu nod immediate when she heard the word ‘dinner’. Is she that hungry? We did travel quite far with this carriage but it is still within around 1 day walking distance. It’s true we didn’t have decent meals on the way but we did eat lunch.

Me: “Is it okay? I don’t know if that is really alright. You are a mid-class noble so those food must be expensive. I don’t think I should do that…”

Kician: “Hahaha don’t worry, our meals isn’t that different. I can’t let my wife staying out of the house either way.”

Gah!!! He already consider me as his wife… Should I just run away and use a hidden identity? Hmmm no, if anyone analyze me with that magic, it’s useless even if I use a fake name and age. I doubt the skill to block analyze magic will be easy to learn too… Am I out of options? My stomach growls as I try to think but with a empty stomach, all ideas seems to be in vain. I guess I’ll just accept this for now and play along.


Chapter 17 – Class Up Examination

Me: “Hmm… Morning already?”

Miyu: “Yes.”

Me: “Okay, give me a few minutes.”

I check my stats after the fight but… I really should check it again. My stats raise to a point that is not even funny anymore.


Name: Naomi Hajiura

Original Name: Naoka Hajiura

Sex: Female

Age: 18

Title: Dimension Traveler

Class: Spell Swordsman

Combat Power: 674

Ability Power: 280




Strength: 9

Dexterity: 6

Intelligent: 8

Agility: 7

Constitution: 6+2

Luck: 6+5

-Status Effect-

Dimension Traveler: +2 Constitution, +5 Luck

Spell Swordsman: Health and Stamina recovers 20% faster


Lv7 Slave Seal: Gain ownership of Miyujioni Tianro Fo Koriepher


Lv2 Beauty: Your appearance is better than average, most people think you are good looking

Lv4 Cool Headed: In most cases where people may lose their cool, you are able to still think clearly as long as your life is not in danger.

Lv2 Multilingual: You are able to read and speak in different language

Lv3 Medical Knowledge, you can identify common injury and perform first aid treatment well with some herbal knowledge.

Lv2 Hampor Geography: You know most of the countries and major locations on Hampor continent.

Lv2 Cooking: You can make acceptable meals effectively with good seasoning.


Lv3 Breath Control: You know the basic of breathing technique for combat.

Lv3 Sharp Vision: You are able to notice every movement if you focus on it

Lv3 Sword Mastery: You are a swordsman. It is possible to learn grade D or lower sword skill.

Lv4 Iron Edge: Capable of launching shock-wave at your target. This attack can do good damage even to lightly armored enemies.

Lv3 Mana Manipulation: You are able to control the mana and manifest it in easy shapes.

Lv4 Mana Bomb: Create a bomb that is made from Mana Manipulation. This Bomb and be detonate manually or by impact. It is also possible to control the explosion.

Lv2 Mana Bolt: A physical magic attack that can easily pierce through weak armor.

Lv3 Magic Theory: You are adapted to the existence of magic quite well.

Lv3 Footwork: You know not only the basic footwork for combat, but you are able to change and utilize them very effectively.


I can’t even… My combat power went up more than 200 points. With this kind of stats, aren’t I almost just as strong as Julien and Kir? Dirk is a second year teacher so he is probably still much stronger than me but… I feel like some kind of brokenly strong main character now.

Oh well, let’s see, today we are heading back to Lupher. Of course, this means it is the day to say good bye to Yuuki and her friends as well.


Me: “Good morning.”

Yuuki: “Good morning, you are leaving today as well right?”

I nod in respond to her question then sit down for breakfast. Our food for the past few meals had been really abundant. The villagers need these more than we do but since this is part of their gratitude, I’ll humbly accept it.

Yuuki: “Oh right, I want to give you girls something.”

Yuuki takes out some fashionable bracelets with a star on it. It looks like it is made out of silver… wait a second, is that real silver?

Dia: “Is that silver bracelet? Well, I guess is not too hard if you know alchemy.”

Miyu: “Looks cute.”

I guess Miyu is a girl after all, I thought she was like a stick in the mud when it comes to her fashion.Though I have to agree with Miyu, those bracelet do look quite cute.

Me: “Are you really giving those to us?”

Yuuki: “Yeah, it is supposed to be my project of the year research. I am trying to make a something good for women. I only got level 5 so maybe there is something wrong but I want results. They are safe but it is up to you girls if you want to help me.”

Kician: “Why don’t you girls take it? I’m sure you girls will look great with it.”

Me: “Really?”

Wait what am I getting excited for? Am I slowly turning into a girl with my mind as well? I get goosebumps from simply thinking about it just now.

Jerit: “Yuuki! Let’s go!”

Yuuki: “Oh, we are leaving already?”

Jerit: “Yeah.”

Yuuki: “Alright then. Naomi, it was good to see you again.”

Yuuki then ran out of the inn right after I said my good bye.

Me: “Now then, we should get going as well.”

As everyone agrees, we left Kenshin Village. I never thought my first quest would be so chaotic. I’m am so going to take a good rest when I get back. Though sadly, I end up doing all the cooking again.


Assistance: “WHAT? A Goblin Knight and you people took care of it?”

The lady which helped us register for our license and quest screamed when we told her that we took care of that. However, we just nod for her confirmation. It is kind of funny we did the exact same thing.

Assistance: “Alright but let me confirm something first. Let’s see, with the people who defeated the Goblin Knight together is Naomi, Dia, Yuuki, Jerit, and Ikro correct?”

Me: “Well…”

Miyu: “Yes.”

Before I get to say anything else, Miyu cuts in and confirm her question. Miyu was there too but why did she say yes to that? After thinking about it a bit later I notice it is probably because she is my slave.

Assistance: “In that case, it is 2 Class D with 3 Class E license holders defeating a Special C class monster… Okay, please give me a few minutes. Let me get the branch master.”

Branch Master… In other word, the guild master of this branch. I guess this is a bigger deal than I thought. Though since Kician wasn’t there when we fought the Goblin Knight, he went back early.


Man: “Yo, I’m Luke Airlog, the branch master.I heard about you girl’s achievement just now. I can definitely give you girls class C license but with our policy, you girls will have to go through a test.”

Dia: “I’m fine, getting a Class D license is enough for me. Is that fine?”

Luke: “Of course that is alright. How about you?”

Luke look at me with a concerning face as if he doesn’t want me to take the test or something.

Me: “What would you do?”

Luke: “Me?! Well, I would definitely try to take the test from my ex-adventurer point of view. Though the test is a mock combat with me and I don’t like to hurt cute girls like you two.”

Me: “In that case, I wo…”

Miyu: “Will take it. I believe master want to take it, right?”

Me: “Huh? Well, I don’t mind taking but…”

Luke: “Alright then, don’t worry about my ego. Come with me, let’s go to the dojo. But I do have to say, you got a really attentive slave knight there.”

Me: “Thank you.”

Why does Miyu want me to take the class up test? I look at her as we follow Luke to the dojo. Though with a western fantasy medieval time so far, why do they have something like a dojo? I’ll just ask Dia and Miyu later.

Miyu: “It’s better for you to take the test and class up. You don’t belong to any country and  that may make it hard for you once you graduate. If somehow you drop from elite and unable to join any place to settle down, you can still be an adventurer. A high class adventurer can have income similar to a knight, perhaps even more.”

Luke: “I see you know quite a bit there little girl. Though I’m surprised that you don’t belong to any country. Which city state are you from?”

Me: “Wow you got good ears. I’m not from a city state either. My birth place is… quite isolated”

Miyu was whispering as quiet as possible and Luke can even hear that from several feet away. I kind of told him a lie there but Japan is an island nation after all. So being isolated is not really a lie. I feel like he has some kind of skill to detect lie for some reason.

Luke: “I see, at least you are honest there. You seem to have hid something along that but I guess everyone has one or two things they don’t want people to know. Anyways, we are here.”

Luke then opens up a huge door, no… a gate. Though this dojo is underground. Well, consider there are magic users and such within the adventurers, this is to prevent damages expend into the city I guess.


Me: “Eiii! Mana Bolt!”

As soon as it starts, I leaps in and attack Luke. I know he is strong so making the first move and putting everything I have all together may be the best option.

When my some comes in contact, Luke smiles but I fire the Mana Bolt right after. He is shocked somehow but he jump to my left and counter me.

Luke: “Naive! Linear Blade!”

Me: “AHH!”


I barely manage to parry that one with my sword. That attack was a really fast lunging attack. Though using a sword is weird, it looks like something that was meant for rapier.

Luke: “So you manage to block that.

Me: “It was close, I never seen that skill before so the speed surprised me.”

Luke: “Well, that is my original skill. Unlike magic, sword skills are easier to create as long your your sword master is pretty high. Though enough talk, let me see what you got! Iron Edge!”

Me: “!! Iron Edge!”

In respond to his, I use mine to intercept. The clash of two Iron Edge cause a small tornado to form for a few second and disappear. It leaves the ground with tons of slash marks.

Luke: “Alright, this should be enough. With that speed, power, and reaction. It may be possible for you to solo the Goblin Knight too.”

Dia: “Wow… Naomi, are you trying to be the hero or something? You are getting strong way too fast.”

Me: “Eh? No…”

Luke: “Well, I don’t know how long you had been training but I’m not surprised if you are a potential hero. The apocalypse season is close after all.”

Me: “Ah… right…”

The apocalypse season, a time period where the demons and monster grow in strength and number and becomes a threat to man kind. The records says it happens every 300 years but that sounds fishy to me.

Luke: “Hey now, don’t tell me you forgot.”

Me: “Well, there is still some time right?”

Luke: “We do have 6 years until the next season but that is not a definite time. Anyways, here.”

Luke hand me a piece of paper with his approval of my class up. I lightly bow to him and we leave the dojo.


Assistance: “Here you go. Dia with Class D license and Naomi with Class C. As for Naomi, we have a prize for you. We do this for anyone who reach Class C within a month. However, what you get depends on your luck.”

The assistance lady then takes out a lottery spinner and tell me to spin it. I haven’t been lucky at all since I got here. Hopefully I can get something nice out of this. Here goes nothing…

A ball rolls out, but it’s a black one. Unsure what it means so I look at the assistance lady.

Assistance: “No way! You got the grand prize! This is the second time this month. Please wait a second.”

She runs to the back looking for someone again, probably Luke.

After a few minutes, Luke walks out together with the assistance lady.

Luke: “Really now, what kind of luck do you have? Getting a quick class up then getting our grand prize. The chance of getting this is not even 1%.”

Assistance: “What should we do? The prize is supposed to be a Skill Orb but the only one we have is this mid level Etiquette Orb.”

Luke: “Ah… that isn’t worth much even at mid level. Let’s see, Naomi would you accept this with money instead? Sorry, last week someone claim the other Orb. We were supposed to get another one next month but… that is still 2 weeks away. As for the compensation, how about 3 gold?”

Me: “3 Gold?!”

Dia: “Wait a second. Etiquette Orb is something that is worth only 1 Gold. Even if it is a mid level one, that is only 15 Gold Silver at most. Most combat related Skill Orb cost at least 5 Gold.”

Luke: “I really wish I can give you more but we don’t have enough money right now. Even giving out 3 Gold is really hurting us financially.”

Me: “Then let’s make that a 2 years payment. Every month you give me little bit of the total instead.”

Dia: “I don’t like that method but if you are fine with that… Though Luke! You better pay up properly with interest!”

Luke: “2 years huh? That is a long time. Though if that is the case, how about 2 Gold Silver a month?”

Wait a second, is he really bad with math? 2 Gold Silver for 24 months. He would be giving me 48 Gold Silver in total! He only need to pay 35 Gold silver to meet the even price. Even with a high interest rate, that should only be around 40 Gold silver in total instead.

Dia: “Good.”

Dia agreed to that for me and all I can do is to smile wryly. Somehow, it was settled with a magic contract. If they were unable to make a payment, the months would be increase by 1 and the following month will have to give me 3 Gold Silver instead. Luke looks like a good guys so I really hope he can make the payment properly each month since it is under his name. I feel guilty for ripping him off like this but it is too late to turn back now.

Luke: “You really did me a favor here. We actually needed to use some money to post up a new subjugation quest.”

Me: “If you are happy… That’s good.”

The guilt is killing me here but we just head back to the academy. I use the Orb to gain the Etiquette Skill since my Ability Power is seriously lacking. Though what surprised me is when I use the Orb with the thought of gaining the skill, it shatters and the light envelopes me. The level of the skill is even at 6! The description says that I have the etiquette skill at the level of a lady from a count family. When I think about how I should act and say, I really feel like that is true… these orbs are quite mysterious.

After confirming the skill, I go to sleep while hoping once I turn back into a man, the lady part would change into a man. However the good night of rest somehow made me forgot about it when the morning comes.

Chapter 16 – Bloody Counter Attack

Me: “Iron Edge! Ha… ha…”

Just how many goblins are there? The ground had been dyed red from the blood of goblins. I close my eyes and take a deep breath since that was the last goblin around this area I’m at.

Me: “So many… Yuuki, are you alright?”

Yuuki: “Yes and take this! Attack Rune: Icicle!”

As she answer me, she fire a icicle at a goblin hiding on a roof. The icicle pierce the head and the body falls over.

Yuuki: “That’s 28, I got 1 more than you. Though Miyu is amazing, she got 31.”

Me: “You were counting?”

Miyu: “Yes and she is correct.”

Yuuki: “You bet, I am very competitive.”

Me: “I didn’t know that but I guess this is who you really is.”

Yuuki: “We should go check out the front line then. Our job here is done.”

Me: “Alright, let’s go.”

Miyu: “Mmm,”

Yuuki is a competitive girl? Every Time we had some kind of competition, she just fade into the background… That very same girl is a competitive person now? Yuuki and James’s personalities did change after all that dimension traveling incident but I didn’t think it was this big. Also, Miyu sure is strong, I knew I was right about her strength. I might need to rethink my perspectives towards my friends…



Yuuki: “Dia! Jerit! Ikro! We are here to help!”

As we reach the front line, it is a blood bath. However, the first thing I notice is Dia’s condition. Her armor is severally damaged and looks like she can barely stand. I rush over to Dia and cut down 1 or 2 goblin along the way.

Me: “Dia! Are you okay?”

Dia: “Yeah, but that Goblin Knight is strong.”

Me: “A Goblin kn…”

Just when I was about to question the Goblin Knight, Yuuki shout out in surprise.

Yuuki: “WHAT!! Why is there Goblin Knight?!

Jerit: “Yeah… Ouch… That Goblin Knight is no joke.”

That Goblin Knight is not wearing knight like armor or anything. Instead, this goblin have scales on his arms, legs, and body. The face is still just an ugly goblin face so anyone can tell that creature is a Goblin Knight.

Me: “How strong is a Goblin Knight?”

Jerit: “Geblin Knight is a Special C Class monster.”

Me: “Special C Class?”

Yuuki: “It’s a special rank for monster not fitting in two class category. Special C Class means that the monster is between C and D class.”

Me: “So that is like a D Class boss monster… Great…”

Guard: “Yes, but let us take care of it. This is our village. We will protect it with our own hand!”

After the guard said so, he lead 3 other men and charge at the Goblin Knight. They are handling themselves quite well but soon forced into a defensive battle. we are taking this chance to rest up since the number of goblin had decreased a lot..We discuss some strategy together to take down the Goblin Knight.

Me: “Alright, then Ikro and I will switch between melee and magic.”

Yuuki: “Right, then me and Jerit will support from the back line while Dia and Miyu act as the vanguard.”

Dia and Miyu: “Got it.”

Is it me or Dia and Miyu often say and do the same thing at the same time… Oh well, it’s good since those two will be working together as the vanguard.

Guard: “Ahhhh!!”

A scream as loud as a the thunder happens when we finish our briefing. A guard is getting crushed under the Goblin Knight’s foot, cry out in agony. The other guards seem to have taken severe damage and is unable to help.

Me: “Ah! That guard!”

Before we get to rush in and help, he stops his cry and his body is now flat. God damn it! If we had come up with the plan sooner, he wouldn’t have died. I curse myself in my head but I have to keep my cool. I don’t know the guard but the way he died was cruel. I, no we will avenge him.

Yuuki: “Let’s go!”

With Yuuki’s word, Dia and Miyu charged in.

Yuuki: “Enchant Rune: Lesser Defense!”

Just before Dia and Miyu get into combat with the Goblin Knight, Yuuki applies defensive enchant on the two of them.

When the two of them reach the Goblin Knight, Ikro and I start gathering mana for our strongest attack. Dia goes in first and grab the Goblin’s attention while Miyu circle around and attack from his back.

Miyu: “Rapid Edge!”

Miyu attacks the goblin with several lunge attacks at the speed that look very inhuman. Well, this world is more or less similar to a game, I guess this is normal. However, the goblin uses his left arm and his scales to parry the attack skill. Though Dia did not let her own attack chance go.

Dia: “Shield Dash!”

The goblin notice Dia’s attack and use his right hand with a sword and intercept the Shield Dash. However, Dia’s over all strength manage to put the goblin back and make him lose balance. Noticing this chance, Ikro and I charge in, but Yuuki didn’t just sit back and do nothing. She applies an enchant different from the lesser guard.

Yuuki: “Enchant Rune: Lesser Magic Up”

Ikro: “Ha! Holy Smash!”

Ikro dashes in before me and attacks the goblin’s head with Holy Smash. That is an attack that covers the weapon with holy magic and empower it for the user to deal massive damage to demons and undead. Though some say it is effective against monsters as well but I don’t think goblin counts.

Goblin Knight: “Gahhhhh!”

The hit looks like it really hurt and he is hold his head while trying to jump back to gain distance. Though that was a bad move for him since I moved behind him while Ikro is attacking him with Holy Smash.

Me: “Mana Bomb!”


Oh dear… The explosion is bigger than I thought. If the goblin didn’t jump towards me, Dia, miyu, and Ikro might get caught in that explosion just now. I got to thank the goblin for doing that. I honestly did not expect the Lesser Magic Up will increase my power this much.

A moment had passed, waiting for the dust to clear up.

Goblin Knight: “Gugohhhhhh!!”

Just when the figure of the Goblin Knight slowly becomes visible, he screams with a force and clears out the remaining dust near him. Seriously? Don’t tell me that bomb didn’t hurt him. I want to cry if that is the case but after I take a closer look, the place I hit had destroyed all of his scales on his back.

Dia: “Ahh… Don’t tell me… Rage mode?”

Rage mode? This is not some RPG game where bosses have a seperate mode when they are in low HP. Ehhh wait a second, this world is pretty much a fantasy RPG… But watching the goblin enter rage mode like that feels anti-climax some how.

Jerit: “What are you people doing? Don’t stop attacking! Mana Bolt!”

Jerit shoot out a large Mana Bolt. Mana Bolt is a piercing projectile version of Mana Bomb. The bolt fly at the goblin dead on but that goblin cuts down the bolt. At that same moment, the goblin also charged at Jerit and the only one able to intercept is Yuuki.

Yuuki: “Defense Rune:Clay Wall!”

Yuuki create a wall between Jerit and the goblin just right before Jerit get cut into two from head down.

Jerit: “AH…. Tha… Thanks Yuuki…”


As I tell Jerit to run, but he crumbles on to the ground. He must have his wits taken out there. I guess I’ll try to do a Mana Bolt since it should be similar to Mana Bomb after all. The mana I gather can’t be too much or else it will turn into a bomb. This is actually a bit hard to control but if I think of it as a bullet, I think it should be fine.

Me: “Mana Bolt!”

Yes! It shoot out just like the one Jerit made. The Goblin probably is too focus on Jerit and didn’t notice my bolt is coming at him. He cuts down the clay wall and tries to attack Jerit once more but…

Goblin Knight: “Kiii!?”

The shoulder of the Goblin is pierced through by my Mana Bolt and he turns towards me. It seems like goblin forgot about Jerit and is charging right at me now.

Dia: “Hyaa!”

While the goblin is rushing at me, Dia dash in besides the goblin and attacks. The goblin defends himself with his scales and strikes back. Dia blocks the counter attack with her shield but the brute force sent Dia flying.

Me: “Dia!!”

Miyu: “Illuminating Blade!!”

Ikro: “One more, Holy Smash!”

Miyu see the chance and attacks with a skill that make the sword to project several after image. It’s a bit hard to keep track the sword but the goblin turns his own sword around, into a back hand position and block the attack.

Miyu: “What?”

At that moment, Ikro’s Holy Smash is about to hit the goblin’s head once more. Though one way or another, the goblin is able to react fast enough and catch Ikro’s staff. The hand of the goblin looks like it got burned by the Holy Smash but that is still not good.

Goblin Knight: “Guhaaaa”

The goblin took the chance and swing Ikro towards Miyu and they crash together painfully. The goblin have the chance to kill both of them right now. Then again, it’s not like I am just going to sit here and do nothing. I fire a Mana Bomb at the goblin the moment he swing Ikro at Miyu. I did make sure to control myself this time.

Goblin Knight: “Kaaa”

Me: “Miyu! Ikro! Get away now!”

The bomb didn’t hit the goblin directly since the goblin turned his sword and tries to strike down the bomb instead. Though a bomb is a bomb, it exploded on contact. Miyu nad Ikro jumps away at that moment while I direct them to at the same time.

Ikro: “Thanks, you saved us.”

Miyu: “Mmm”

Me: “Don’t worry, but the Goblin Knight sure got faster and stronger.”

Yuuki: “Don’t worry, this is it! Attack Rune: Water Spear!”

Three spears made out of water appear beside Yuuki. After Yuuki properly aim the three spears at the goblin, she shoots them towards him. The goblin cuts the first spear in half while defending the second spear with his left arm’s scales. Though that left him unable to defend against the third spear and it pierced through the abdomen area of the goblin.

Goblin Knight: “Kiii!”

The water soon disappear and left the area with a hole and the goblin slowly bleeds out. Or so we thought, the goblin is drinking something… a potion? Where in the world did a goblin obtain a potion? At this rate, the goblin may recover before Miyu and others is able to finish it off. I immediately gather small amount of mana for the finishing attack.

Me: “Mana Bolt!”

The bolt pierce through the goblin’s head and the that concludes the battle.


When we look around the village. There were around 8 guards who were fighting in the front line. Only 3 were left alive and if we include the guards who was evacuating the villagers, there is only 6 guards left in this village. The population of this village is around 80, they may need to recruit a few more guards. As for the goblins… probably around 150 dead. I mean with me, Yuuki, and Miyu together, we killed around 90 goblins. No wonder the village is not dyed in red…

Dia: “Ow ow ow… Why did no one look for me?”

Dia walks up to us covered in wounds. There is even small pieces of wood stuck in her hair.

Me: “Sorry, I knew you are fine so I thought it would be better to check out on the guards.”

Dia: “I see, well the guards sure got a lot of casualties…”

I will be honest here. I completely forgot about Dia after she was sent flying by the Goblin Knight. Keeping this a secret and telling her that should be fine. It doesn’t look like she is question it either. Yes, this will be a secret but… Miyu please stop looking at me with those doubtful eyes.

Me: “Ehhh… Miyu?”

Miyu: “Nothing, I just hope everything will be fine in the future.”

I don’t like the way she say that but I guess it can’t be helped.

A moment later, Kician, Kaiz, and Julis regroup with us and tell us the new Celestial Stone is now working. Finally we can rest and take a break.

Yuuki: “not yet, we need to take care of the dead goblins or else some disease may start circulating.”

Right… if we don’t bury dead bodies, some disease may end up happening instead. Though a man, no an old man who looks like the village chief walks up to us.

Village Chief: “Don’t worry about that, we will take care of it. I know this turns up as a job beyond the requested class difficulty so we will make sure to report to both guild together with additional payment once we sold the goblin’s equipment that our guards killed. But I must ask you all to at least leave one for each of the guard’s family who died.”

Me: “I have no problem with that, but they don’t look like they have anything worth selling.”

Village Chief: “Hahaha, the magic core from them should worth something at the very least. Anyways, if you all are okay with this, I need to gather up the cores now. All you of can return to the inn and rest up.”

Dia: “So this is it, I’m so tired right now.”

Yuuki: “Same here but it will soon be dinner time, we can just make it a feast to celebrate.”

Ikro: “OHHH Good idea! Let’s do it!”

Kaiz: “Right, this will be fun.”

Ikro is unusually hyped for it. I thought of him as more of a collected person. On the other hand, Kaiz is kind of excited as well. I’m not really sure what is going on but Jerit is turning red while Julis looks like she have a headache…


Miyu: “Be quiet…”

Whoa… Kician got really fired up… What is with all the boy getting all fired up? Ah wait, this way of thinking is wrong. I’m still a man on the inside… that way of thinking need to be fixed.

At the end, we really partied until 4 in the morning. There are some events where Yuuki and… no, I will not talk about it or think about it. I don’t want to remember what happened. We departure the day after once we make sure the village will be fine and we return to our guild and report to the assistance lady.

Lot’s of combat this chapter… Probably the first chapter with this much combat scene.  Hopefully I did a decent job at it.

Chapter 3 – Rena’s Shopping Trip

Mari: “Nii-chan, wake up!”

Me: “Just a few more minutes.”

It is still very early in the morning. Dad is gone; can’t I just sleep in a little longer? As I am trying to go back to sleep, Mari jump onto me.

Me: “Gah!! What are you doing?”

Mari: “I have always wanted to try waking you up like this. Isn’t there a lot of anime that have little sister do this, onii-chan?”

The very last part when she calls me onii-chan is in a seductive voice. When did she learn how to talk like that? I pause for a few second then spat out a sigh.

Mari: “What is with that sigh? Am I not attractive to you?”

Rena: “I do not believe that is the case.”

Rena then points behind Mari. We both look at what she is pointing at slowly and I turn red when I notice what is up.

Mari: “Nii-chan, I didn’t think you were this kind of person.”

Me: “Wait a second, I can explain.”

Mari: “As much as I love you, I don’t think I’m ready yet.”

Me: “Love me as sibling right? And you don’t need to get ready for that kind of stuff!!”

Mari: “Ahhh~ stop, don’t use force.”

Rena: “If I may say something, I am ready at all time. If you wish to procreate, all you need to do is tell me. I already have your mother’s approval too.”

Me: “What!”

Mari: “Yeah and apparently okaa-san knows about my feeling towards you as well. She gives an okay with a peace sign to both of us.”

I can’t help but make a huge face palm that surprise Mari and Rena. They are worrying about me but I just can’t say anything right now. After struggling to set things straight for half an hour, I am finally able to wash up and get to my breakfast.


Secili: “Good morning. You guys made quite a ruckus up there.”

Me: “Whose fault is it I wonder?”

When I say that, all three of them look at me.

Me: “How is it my fault?”

Mari: “It is because you just won’t wake up properly.”

Me: “I don’t want to hear that from a person who try to seduce her brother! Also kaa-san, why would you give them an okay like it is nothing?”

Secili: “I don’t see the problem. You are already in high school and you never had a girlfriend. I think Rena will be a good match with you and Mari as well.”

Me: “You didn’t forget I and Mari are sibling right?”

Secili: “That may be the case, but is not like you are blood related.”

Mari: “Right, don’t worry about the small details.”

Rena: “I have no problem if you wish to have two of us.”

Me: “…”

I give up. I can’t keep up with these three. The way they are thinking is just too abnormal. Mari has never been this aggressive too. I enjoy this time where dad is gone but Mari is making this worse than before. It is only morning and I feel really tired already. I just let them say whatever they want and start finishing my breakfast.


Mari: “Hey nii-chan, can you come with us today?”

Me: “Where do you two want to go?”

I look at Mari and Rena. They seem to plan on going out for something.

Mari: “We receive money in the mail today. It was addressed to Rena and I thought we should at least buy her some clothes.”

Me: “Money to Rena? How is that possible?”

Rena: “Apparently the capsule I entered this planet was taken by the government and they sent money as compensation. I can request to have them give it back to me but that capsule is something humans will be able to create in a few years. I don’t see the problem of letting them study it.”

Me: “Alright, I’ll go. Give me a few minutes; this will be a good chance to show you the town as well. How much money did you receive?”

Rena: “A bank account with 400,000,000 yen.” (Almost 3.84 million USD)


I was leaving the room and when she said the amount; my mind went blank and walks right into the door frame.

Mari: “Nii-chan, are you okay?”

Me: “Yeah, but what is with that crazy amount?”

Mari: “I don’t think that is a lot.”

Secili: “I don’t think that is a lot either. I feel like they got it cheap to get their hands on alien technology with only that amount. If we evaluate all the possibility for it’s worth, there should be 50,000,000 more yen to that account at the very least.”

I totally forgot even though mom is really nice, she has a crazy amount of greed. If she is able to get her hand on something, she will evaluate the worth and get the best deal out of it. I remember there was once when we are buying a new car, she cut the price by 25% from the dealer. I didn’t even know that is possible but she somehow manage to do it.

Me: “Well, just wait here and let me get ready.”

I want to lay down and just relax. I am completely mentally exhausted from everything. However, I did promise those two so I still change and head out together with Mari and Rena.

Me: “Alright, let’s go.”

Mari: “That took you a while.”

Me: “Sorry, I was thinking about a few things.”

Mari: “Like?”

I turn over and look at Rena. Mari gives me a suspicious face at the same time.

Me: “Rena, don’t tell anyone you are a Magidian or say anything about sex.”

Rena: “Why? I don’t see the problem.”

Mari: “Actually, Onii-san is right. I think it will be better to keep it a secret.”

Rena: “If anyone bothers with us, I can just cut them down. Any human or Magidian that is not related to Haku will be an enemy if they pose threat.”

Me: “Please don’t! It will bring more trouble if you do!”

Rena: “Then what should we do?”

Me: “We can just run or hide.”

Rena: “What if is not possible.”

My head hurts; I put my fingers over my temple trying to think the best answer.

Me: “… In that case, I will tell you what to do. If I can’t do that, just try not to destroy or kill anyone.”

Mari: “Are you sure that is alright?”

Me: “Yeah, Rena is learning our common sense pretty fast anyways.”

Rena: “I don’t know if that is the case but I will try my best.”


We ride the train to the shopping center. Rena is really quiet and only observes the surrounding. I thought she might ask bunch of questions since this is her first time but I’m glad she didn’t throw tons of questions at me. Then Mari starts whispering to me.

Mari: “Rena is being rather quiet isn’t she?”

Me: “Yeah, I was expecting something from her.”

Rena: “I just don’t want to cause a scene. You two didn’t want that right?”

Me: “Yeah…”

We whisper to each other so Rena wouldn’t hear but she whispers to us in respond.  Does Magidian’s have amazing hearing or we are actually talking too loud… I don’t know, I think it is just her having good ears.


When we reach the shopping district, there is a shocking scene. There is a girl with cosplaying as a cat girl in front of the station. A man next to her is charging people for photos. I don’t understand why there are people who will do something that embarrassing.

When I got closer to the entrance while we are walking out, I notice something off about that girl. Her fake cat ears just… moved.

Me: “Is it me or her ears just moved?”

Mari: “I think so, could it be?”

Rena: “Yes, she is a Magidian as well. I don’t know what type she is but she must be happy.”

Me: “What? She looks a bit troubled to me.”

The cat Magidian is looking super embarrassed while forced to pose and have pictures taken. However, that man is just happily taking money from people.

Mari: “Yeah, she doesn’t look happy at all.”

Rena: “Our purpose is to serve the master we selected. If she has selected that man as her master, then she should be happy even for such commands. I am actually a bit disappointed in you, Haku.”

Me: “Wait, why are you disappointed? Did I something wrong?”

Rena: “No, but you haven’t done anything and that is the problem. I am still waiting for your first order.”

Me: “So you just want me to make you do something?”

Rena: “Yes.”

I spat out another sigh as respond. I never had this big of a problem with anyone before. Ah wait, she is a Magidian. I guess she can’t really be count as a person? What defines a person anyways? Great, thinking about this is making me frustrated.

Me: “Fine then, for today, go find something you like and let Mari help you decide what you should buy.”

Rena: “Something I like? I understand the second part but I don’t understand the first part.”

Me: “Just find something you enjoy. It can be food or games or whatever.”

Rena: “I don’t understand but I will try my best.”

Mari: “Rena-chan, just don’t talk about Magidian stuff while with us anymore. We are trying to hide the fact you are one right now.”

Rena: “Ah… My apology.”

Rena then bows down towards us and making a scene. Luckily, most of the attention is towards the cat girl.

Mari: “You don’t have to bow down like that. Just a simple sorry is enough.”

Me: “Yeah, anyways, let’s get going now.”

The three of us then walks around the district and shopping for Rena. We even went to some really expensive stores. The clothes the three of us wearing are not high class at all, so there are people looking at us when we walk in. We did end up buying a lot of clothes and paid with Rena’s special issued debit card. The sum is huge and since we paid with debit, it surprised even the cashier. We left in a hurry and had a good laugh.


Rena: “Is this much really necessary? I think two sets of clothes is enough.”

Mari: “No way, you need more than that. Having more clothes will allow you to dress up differently and appropriately.”

Me: “I have to agree with that. Even I have quite a few sets of clothes.”

Rena: “How about all these stuff? What are these things call toothbrush, makeup, perfume,…”

Rena just starts naming off those items one by one. I guess not all of them are necessary but she really has a lot to learn.

Mari: “Don’t worry; I will help you learn how to use them.”

Me: “Yeah, just listen to Mari when she is teaching you those stuff.”

Rena: “Okay.”

Afterward, we decide to hangout a little longer. We brought quite a bit of stuff and I guess it was fun doing this once in a while. I am a bit worried about our sense of money but I guess just this once is alright. Then we put away our bags in a public locker and enjoy ourselves for rest of the day.

I’m not sure if I made Rena an fine character here. I feel like there is more I can do but just don’t know what that may be. Tell me what you boy and girls think of this book so far.

Chapter 2 – Rena

How long has it been? 5 minutes? 10 minutes? I lost track of time the moment she kisses me. Then finally, she back away.

Girl: “Sorry for the inconvenience, I had to learn your language.”

Me: “What? With a kiss?”

Girl: “Yes, you must felt like you couldn’t think during the kiss.”

Me: “yeah…”

Girl: “Yes, but before I explain anything else, may I have some clothes?”

Me: “Huh?”

She is wearing a tight suit, or so I thought. It is dissolving slowly. I can already see almost everything, but she doesn’t look embarrass from it. I immediately took my jacket off and put it on her. Luckily, it is big enough to cover most of her body.

Me: “Let’s go somewhere first.”

I grab her hand and start running towards the school building. When I pass by Mari and Ken, I tell them to follow.

Me: “Let’s go somewhere.”

I decide to take her to the infirmary. Probably not the best place to go since the one in charge there is my aunt, Misako Rihouji. She is a… awkward one.

Me: “Aunty, you here?”

No one answers. Where did she go when I need her help?

Me: “Ehh Mari, can you go grab some clothes for her?”

Mari: “Why?”

Girl: “I don’t have any clothing right now, but it is fine if I am to be used for my purpose here.”

Ken: “Oohhh, does that mean you are completely naked under that jacket?”

Girl: “Correct.”

Ken: “Really? Can you show me you really are naked? I don’t believe you.”

Mari pulls Ken by the ear when he says that.

Mari: “In your dream. Nii-chan, I leave her to you. I’m going home to grab some of my clothes for her. Please don’t do anything out of the line.”

Me: “I won’t! Just hurry up!”

Mari stares at me for a second and it is a bit scary. Afterward, she pulls Ken along and exit the room. Why did Mari take Ken along? Are they going out? I scratch my head then look at the Magidian. She starts taking off the jacket I put over her.

Girl: “I have to thank you for creating this chance for me to serve my purpose for you, my master.”

Me: “Ma, master?”

Girl: “Yes, I am a multi-purpose type. My Magidian identification number is FMPT-00071.”

Me: “So many zero, so there are at least 10,000 of your kind?”

Girl: “For my type, yes.”

Me: “Wait, how many types are there?”

Girl: “There are close range combat type, middle range combat type, long range combat type, combat magic type, utility magic type, combat intellect type, neutral intellect type, combat maid type, neutral maid type, combat housing type…”

She just keeps going. I guess if you are able to think of the type, it is there. The alien really did a perfect job at creating all the necessary types. I didn’t expect the aliens to be perfectionist.

Me: “Okay, let me change the question. How many Magidian are there? How long will this red sky last? And what is your name?”

Girl: “The original plan from the creators was to have 510 million of us. Every week, 500,000 of us will be dropped down to earth. However, the first batch is 950,000. As for your last question, I don’t have a name.”

Me: “That is a lot, but 510 million… where have I heard this number before? I think I heard this number while in earth study.”

Girl: “510 million is close to the surface area of earth. If that is master’s entire questions, let us continue.”

She then leans towards me and grab my hand. She slowly put my hand onto her breast. I totally forgot that she is naked. I was too absorbed in the information, I let my guard down.

Me: “Wait a minute, this is too sudden.”

Girl: “No is not. Did you not realize what I mean by multi-purpose? I am also here to give birth to human child with perfect gene so master’s kind won’t go extinct.”

Me: “So you mean you guys can’t just fix it right now?”

Girl: “Our creators’ value natural process. Even us Magidians are not created through direct enhancement or alteration. So the only way is through sex and reproduction.”

She comes closer and kisses me once more. Her breast, her tongue, and her body arouse me to the point I can barely hold back.

Girl: “Mu…ah… Don’t worry, I am yours. You can use me however you want.”

I think something inside of me just snap apart. I give into her temptation and follow my instinct.

Me: “Come… closer.”

Girl: “Alright.”

She put her body onto mine, but before anymore are done, the door to this room opens up. The one who walks in is Misako.

Misako: “I see, I guess Mari-chan finally leaves you and now you turn yourself to another girl. I can’t say I approve this but I can understand your feeling.”

I turn red… extremely red. I can’t believe what I am about to do. I hurry and put my jacket over the Magidian girl. She look very confuse when I do that.

Girl: “Is something wrong? We haven’t done anything yet.”

Misako: “Oi oi. Haku-kun, where did you pick up this slut?”

Girl: “I am not a slut. I am only trying to perform my duty.”

Misako: “Your duty? Whatever your duty is, if you tempt a man and just go for sex, you are a slut to everyone’s eye.”

Girl: “Is that so? Then what should I do to have sex with master?”

Misako look at me with sad eyes.

Misako: “Does it hurt that much? I can’t believe you would make a girl call you master and do these indecent things during the day.”

Me: “That is not it! This girl is a Magidian and she lack common sense.”

Misako: “Yes I know. By the way, catch.”

Misako throws a sword at the girl and she catch it just with one hand. The sword is in a weird sheath and the handle is black with a blue trim along the middle. When I look closely, the blue and emits small glow.

Misako: “That is yours, right?”

Girl: “Yes, thank you. This can be dangerous if it fall into the wrong hand.”

Me: “What is that sword? Rather, why do you have a sword?”

Girl: “Did you forget again? I am a multi-purpose type Magidian. I am capable of combat as well.”

Me: “I see, but aunty Rihouji, how did you find her sword?”

Misako: “I was just checking out that pod but then when it broke apart, that was in there.”

Me: “I see, did you not find anything for her to wear?”

Misako: “Sorry, no.”

Me: “I guess all we can do is wait.”

I feel like I am missing something… No, there is something I should question or get mad about but I can’t remember. Oh well, it is probably not important. Anyways, Misako then look at the girl.

Misako: “What is your name? I don’t think I know your name yet.”

Girl: “I don’t have a name.”

Misako: “I see, then let’s do this. Haku, your job is to give her a good name before Mari-chan comes back.”

Girl: “I’m looking forward to my name, master.”

Me: “Okay, I’ll think up a good name for you.”

This is such a pain. Why do I have to name her? Does alien don’t care about names? I can’t help but sigh. Actually, is it okay for her to carry a sword? It is against the law to carry it around. Wait a second, Misako have her sword the whole time before she hand it back. She knew this girl is a Magidian and just use that opportunity to tease me. Well, it sounds like something she would do.


About half an hour has passed and I still have not given her a name yet.  Well, I did think up a few like Nami, Lisa, Miri, etc… but they were all shot down by Misako.

Speakers: “Bing Pong~ This is a special announcement. Due to the Magidian drop in our school ground, all school activity will be canceled until farther notification. All students please return home as soon as possible.”

Misako: “I guess Mari need to hurry. I can let you stay here until mari comes back. Hurry up and give her a good name.”

Me: “I know, how about Rui?”

Girl: “Rui…”

Oh! This is the first time she show interest, does this mean it is a go? I look at Misako but she cross her arms and give me a big X.

Me: “What kind of name do you want?”

Girl: “I don’t know.”

Misako: “Oh hey, what do you know?  Mari-chan is back already.”

Already? Did that much time really pass by? It takes about an hour to make a round trip. Even if she ran all the way, that is a bit fast. Actually never mind, Mari might be able to do it if she go all out.

Me: “Then… how about Rena.”

Girl: “Rena?”

She thinks a bit but smiles afterward. Is this finally a go? When I look at Misako this time, she gives me a thumb up. I don’t understand why Misako approve this time… Was she just playing around with me until Mari comes back? Ah… I think i’m getting a headache now. Oh well, I finally got a name for her. That alone makes me happy.

Me: “Yes!”

Rena: “What?”

Me: “No nothing, I’m just happy that you like the name, Rena.”

Rena: “It has a good ring to me for some reason. Thank you for thinking so hard for me.”

Me: “No problem.”

I lay down on the bed to take a short rest before Mari comes back.


About two minutes after I lay down. Mari enters the room out of breath.

Mari: “I’m back! You didn’t so anything weird, right?”

Misako: “Welcome back, but you are too late. These two already had a steaming moments.”

Mari looks at me with a face as if she is about to cry.

Mari: “Am I not good enough for you?”

Misako: “If you are good enough, he won’t touch Rena at all.”

Me: “Can you shut up? You are not helping here.”

Misako: “I am just telling her the truth.”

Mari: “Did you really touch her?”

Me: “Well that’s… Maybe a little?”

Rena: “Don’t worry, master did initiate. I’m the one who use him to touch me.”

Mari then grabs my head and pulls me towards her. I don’t think she realizes but my face is in her chest right now. I want to break away but I just can’t seem to find the way out due to the position I am in.

Mari: “I won’t give Haku to you then. I didn’t think Magidians are sluts.”

Rena: “I see, in the human eye, I guess I will be view as slut. I’m sorry, I will be careful of how I approach master from now on.”

Mari: “I don’t understand why you keep calling Haku master, but hurry up and change into this. They might be a little small but deal with it.”

She gives Rena a bag of clothes. Rena pulls out a bra and looks interested to wear it.

Me: “Wait a second, let me leave first.”

Misako: “You already see her naked, I don’t think it matters anymore.”

We all look at Misako with a dull eye. She actually makes such stupid suggestion. I believe we are all thinking of the same thing. I’m a bit happy that Rena is able to understand our stander of moral so fast. However, Misako ticks her tongue.

Misako: “I guess I over did it on that one.”

Me: “Well then, tell me once you finish changing.”

Rena: “Understood.”


About 10 minutes later, Mari finally comes out and tells me she is done. How long does it take for a girl to put on clothes? It’s only like one or two extra piece of clothing. When I walk into the room, I am stun by Rena’s beauty.

Rena: “Is something wrong?”

Mari: “Don’t worry, even I was surprised. You look like a top model.”

Rena: “Really?”

Me: “Yeah, you look… amazing.”

Mari: “Really, I want to get mad at you for bewitching nii-chan. But I just can’t whenever I look at you. It’s really frustrating.”

Misako: “Alright, you guys should go home. Take good care of Rena. At this moment, she might be on the same level of national treasure. If your mom is against her staying at your place, just tell her they will take care of any Rena related expense and consequence.”

Me: “They?”

Misako: “Don’t worry, she will know what I mean.”

Mari and I take Rena with us and leave the school. But we need to do something about Rena’s sword.

Me: “Can you try to hide that or something?”

Rena: “How about this?”

She push something on the sword and it turn into a necklace with small sword.

Me: “That is cool, how does it work?”

Rena: “I don’t know. Our creators are the one who made it.”

Mari: “Alright, let’s go home then.”

Mari arm locks with me and Rena copy her the moment we leave the school. I got two girls on both side but there is a weird tension between them. This is not comfortable at all. However, Mari is thinking about something along the way.

Me: “What’s wrong?”

Mari: “Do you think Misako knew about Magidians?”

Me: “Well it was on the news.”

Mari: “No, I mean what does she mean by they? It looks like mom knows about it as well. Something is wrong here.”

Rena actually wonders off a little while we are having our conversation. She kind of kneels down and looks at flower at a flower shop.

Me: “Rena, what do you think?”

She turns around and look at me.

Rena: “Master, Mari, it is possible for her to be involved in a special organization that plan on using us. The drop capsule is not supposed to break open through normal mean. She must have used some kind strong tool to break open. She might be dangerous, I can defend myself but you two needs to be careful.”

Me: “I see, I can’t imagine Misako doing anything bad to us though. Oh, and one more thing, please just call me Haku. I feel uncomfortable if you keep calling me master.”

Rena turns at me and respond with a godly smile.

Rena: “Understood, Haku.”

Mari on the other side pinches my hand. That hurts, I want to say something but I feel like this is my fault too. I think I am falling for Rena too hard, too fast.


We get home without any problem. Mom also agrees to her staying without a second thought. Mari is right; they are hiding something we don’t know. The rest of the day is just us sorting out a room and clean out a place for her to stay. We won’t have school for the next few days. I don’t know what to do but it is nice to have a break from school.

We got to have a love triangle in a story like this right? If you don’t agree with me… Go ahead and rant at me with the comment below.

Chapter 1 – My First and Beginning of Changes

Mari: “Nii-chan, shouldn’t you hurry? Just because Otou-san got transferred yesterday, it doesn’t mean you can be late for club right?”

Me: “What? Oh crap, I am going to be late!”

As I am eating breakfast with my little sister Mari, she point out the time. The high school soccer club I’m in has morning practice every Monday and Friday. It is so annoying, I didn’t want to join a club but dad forced me to.

Secili: “You know, if the morning practice is too hard for you, you can just quit. I will talk to dad about it.”

Me: “It’s alright, I kind of like soccer anyways.”

Mom is always nice to us. She is very considerate and probably the best mom one can ask for. As long as we have a good reason, she will let us do it. A good example is like two weeks ago, Mari and I, along with some friends wanted to hang out at a karaoke café. Mom told dad I had late night practice and Mari was helping her teacher. I don’t think many mother would do this.

Secili: “Okay, just give me a minute then.”

Me: “Sorry, I don’t have time. I’m off for practice now.”

I start running as soon as I leave the door. We have a match coming up so I can’t effort to be late. My dad will yell at me again if I don’t make it as regular this time. I think I heard something back home after a few second I left but I have to hurry.


Captain: “Haku! Is Haku here?”

Me: “Sorry, I’m here captain Jun. There was a bit of traffic.”

Jun: “Alright, hurry up and get changed. We are starting in 10 minutes.”

Me: “Aye.”

I run off and get changed within 5 minutes. I run back to the field and everyone is eager to start. Today is the day we select our players. I am in the wing-back position. I really hate it but this position is very important. If I pick an easy position and can’t even become a regular, I don’t know what my dad would do to me.


The practice goes on for an hour. Over all, the practice went well and I think I have a good chance to be a regular this time.

Jun: “Coach and I will decide the players for next upcoming match. Make sure to come here during lunch break. The class is going to start in 30 minutes, everyone cleanup and go to class.”

After Jun disperses the group, we take our shower and head to class. From the field to main building, it is a 2 minute walk. I know this school is big but there is no need to put the soccer field so far out is there? My class is even at the farthest end of the building. I got to hurry.


As I am rushing to class, I pass by Mari.

Mari: “Haku, wait a second, I need to give you something.”

Mari said while the bell is ringing, I don’t have time for this.

Me: “Sorry, you know my class is far away from here. I will take whatever you want to give me later, bye.”

I run off as soon as I finish talking. I feel like I have run a marathon this morning. I had to run to catch the bus, then there is the hour long soccer practice, and now I’m running to my class. I don’t really hate running but this is too much.

By the time I get to my class, the bell had stop ringing. Great, I am late because Mari called me out earlier. I don’t care how cute she may be, but the ways she sticks to me really bring me trouble time to time.

Teacher: “You are late again, Haku!”

How the hell does she know? I didn’t even open the door to the room yet. Well, my teacher is actually someone I can consider as childhood friend. Her name is Mami Suzumi. After taking a deep breath, I slowly open the door.

Me: “How did you know it was me?”

Mami: “You are the only one missing right now. Who else would stand by the door like you did? Your father even called me yesterday to make sure you do not slack off.”

Me: “You know… That is the reason you never had a boyfriend, Miss Suzumi. You take your duty way too seriously. You are already 25, you better ease up and find yourself a man.”

Some people laugh a little. I use lines similar to the one I just did often. However, most people still find it funny since Mami would turn peach red.


Me: “YES MA’AM!”

I close the door and stand in the half for the time. I can still hear the class material but I really wish she would let me drop my bag at my table first. Maybe I should’ve just walk around the class and put my bag down then come back out. I can imagine the face she would make already. Then again, I already angered her, I should take it easy or else she will report it to my dad. After the time is up, I attend rest of the class normally until lunch.

Me: “Alright, I better get to the field right now.”

Boy: “Haku-san, what is the rush?”

Me: “Oh Ken-san, the captain is going to announce the regulars.

Ken: “Okay, good luck.”

Me: “Thanks!”

I try to rush to the field immediately but I got stopped by Mari again.

Mari: “Haku, here.”

She hand me a box. Wait a second, is this my lunch? I can’t believe I forgot to grab my lunch this morning.

Me: “Oh, I guess I forgot to take it this morning. Thanks, mom’s cooking is amazing. I wouldn’t like it if I missed out on it.”

Mari: “Oh? I’m sorry but the one mom make is this one.”

Mari shows me another box. Wait a second, what is this lunch box in my hand then.

Mari: “Curious?”

Me: “Don’t tell me…”

Mari: “Yep, I made that one. You are happy aren’t you? Not everyone get to eat their cute Imouto-chan’s homemade cooking filled with love”

Me: “Right…”

Depends on the food she make, it can be either by heavenly or deadly. I don’t know how but her cooking skill is extremely… unique. But as I am worrying about the food, the sky turned red. There are things flying over the sky when I take a closer look.

Mari: “What… is that?”

Me: “No idea, meteors?”

I said it as a joke but when I look out, I was right. Everyone is looking at the sky and filled with wonder. I hear people saying it is the end of the world and everyone is going to die.  Then I hear a statement I cannot ignore.

???: “Is this what the U.N. was trying to tell us on the news last week?”

Right, they make a worldwide announcement about some kind of alien message. I desperately try to remember the detail of the message.

Me: “The alien message… It was talking about us being a dying race or something. Then… what else were there?”

Mari: “Us being a destructive race but they are willing to do something for us. They created a new race called Magidian to help us from extinction, but that race may also end up accelerate our extinction.”

Me: “I’m surprised. You actually remember all that?”

Mari: “It is something you took interest in. There is no way I could forget. I’m your imouto after all.”

No, little sister shouldn’t care about her older brother’s interest to this degree. Sometimes I am a little scared at what Mari will do with those information. I honestly don’t understand why she loves me so much.

Me: “So basically, those meteors are Magidian? I wonder what they are li…”

Before I get to finish, one of the red fireball fly towards us. All of us drop down to the floor but nothing happened. It fall down at a very fast speed, why is there no impact? Am I in some kind of dream? Some of us slowly stand up and look out. The soccer field is a mess. Also, I can see some of the follow club members on the ground, not moving. In the very middle of the field, there is a giant sphere letting out white smoke all over.

Me: “Shit, what the hell is that thing.”

I can’t help but run towards the field. Luckily, it seems like all of them are still breathing.

Mari: “They are okay, right?”

Me: “I think so, but that… thing. What is it?”

Ken: “It looks like a capsule. Or maybe is some kind of life pod. Whatever it is, it doesn’t look like it will be dangerous.”

Me: “A life pod? So you mean the Magidian is inside?”

Ken: “Possibly, I am just trying to think positive here.”

That may be true but Ken always has a sharp intuition. I play games with him time to time and almost every time he decide to try something new, it works our perfectly.

Mari: “But it is not opening up.”

Ken: “Maybe someone will have to open it up.”

We look at each other but no one nearby is willing to do it. I mean, it is something unknown to us and who knows if Magidian is really inside.

Me: “Ken, you go do it. You are the one suggest it.”

Ken: “No way, why do I have to do it. Shouldn’t something like this be done with a person closes to a main character of anime or manga?”

Me: “Why are you looking at me like that? I am not like that.”

Mari: “Haku as a main character? Then I guess I am the cute and loving imouto then.”

Ken: “That’s right, now go! Hero Haku! Fulfill your duty as the hero.”

Me: “Sigh, alright fine. Just stop it, it’s embarrassing.”

I walk over to the capsule. Surprisingly, it is not hot or anything. Normally when something enters the atmosphere, shouldn’t it generate so much heat that it may even melt metal? I guess alien technology really is on another level.

After I examine the capsule for 10 minutes, I finally figure out how to open it. As I open it up, there is a girl inside. A beautiful teenage girl with green hair and large breast. I looked back at Ken and Mari for a second. Ken is staring at the girl but Mari is staring at me instead. I don’t understand why she is looking at me like that at all.

I look back to check on this girl a little more. This girl is sleeping while standing, no; the capsule was tight sealed so she was sleeping trapped. However, she slowly opens her eye and look at me.

Me: “Ah unhmm… Good morning?”

Girl: “stakns utoak”

What did she say? Is that the alien language? Before I can think of a way to communicate with her, she leans towards me and kisses me. This is my first kiss too; I can’t believe my first kiss is with an alien. This completely surprised me and I can feel my mind going blank. I don’t know what will happen to me, but I hope is nothing bad.

I hope the comedy in this series so far fit people’s taste… Tell me what you all thinks

Prologue – Alien’s Ancient Message

I am Haku Fugien and my family is currently watching the news channel broadcast. My family consists of 4 members. Besides me, there is my father Kiel, my mother Secili, and my adopted little sister Mari. We have a habit of watching news early in the morning while eating breakfast. Well, mostly because of dad.

News: “Next, we have an announcement from the United Nations.”

Hmm… okay, I guess the news today is pretty normal. Even if is some kind of announcement from U.N. I doubt it is anything major. Then my father lightly hit me on my head.

Kiel: “Focus! Even if the news is not important to you personally, you can’t just ignore it. How many times do I have to tell you? You are already 17 years old, grow up!”

Me: “Sorry To-san.”

Kiel: “What did you call me?”

Me: “I mean, Oto-Sama.”

Then my mom stands up and grabs coffee for dad.

Secili: “Come on dear, you don’t need to be like that again. You used to be happy when Haku calls you papa years back.”

Kiel: “That is like ten years ago. He needs to grow up like Mari. They are almost the same age but she is much more mature.”

Mari: “Oto-Sama, I think I still have a lot more to work on until I can be considered mature. I think Haku Onii-Sama is better than me in that aspect.”

Mari then looks at me with the corner of her eyes and then continues eating.

Kiel: “Haku, you need to learn a few things from Mari. I bet you didn’t even hear what the news was saying.”

Haku: “Sorry…”

I am so fed up with dad’s consistent nagging. Normally, the one nagging should be the mother right? I have no idea why my dad is such a pain in the ass. I should check out that news when I’m on the bus. I find it annoying but it will be even more annoying if by the end of the day, my dad ask me what that news were and I could not answer.


On the bus, Mari is sitting right next to me. She may act mature at home, but she is a child once she leaves the house. For some reason, she often sticks to me like glue. Some people thought I am a siscon. Shouldn’t it be her having brocon make more sense? Whatever, I should check out that news on my phone instead thinking about useless stuff.


Ancient Slate Deciphered

A mysterious slate was discovered in October 1972 and it was only deciphered after over 40 years of work. The slate was believed to be created over 10,000 ago with technology more advanced than ours. The message from the slate is the following according to U.N.

This message should be notified to the world if deciphered. The master race of this planet will perish due your inferior genetic makeup. We are the one who placed life upon the planet. We cultivate this planet into a beautiful form but there are always destruction. We had grown tired at your kind’s violent nature. However, we are not heartless. We have decided to create a new race that resembles your kind with perfect genetic makeup, we call them Magidian. They will be released onto the land once 10 rotations are done after this message is deciphered. Should they speed up the destruction or become a salvation, it depends on your kind, the so called master race.

Above are the messages from the slate. The U.N. has notified all countries to tell all citizens this discovery at least 3 days before Magidian is released. They advise people to stay in door unless is absolutely necessary on September 28, 2016 just in case.


Me: “What the hell is this? Even someone with 8th grade syndrome can make something better.”

Mari: “I knew Nii-chan would say that. Does Nii-chan think something dangerous is going to happen?”

Me: “No idea, but something bad or annoying might happen soon. Well, at least is not like the alien are taking over the world or kill us all.”

It looks like many of us just took the message as a joke. Most people forget about it the next day. A lot of us proceed with our daily life like normal, just like the two of us.

So here I am starting another new story. This one however, take place in Japan so many thing would be written with Japanese to express the difference when it comes to the usage of language. Tell me you all think?

Chapter 15 – Making New Friends

While walking around, I remember the Celestial Stone. I was actually interested about it so I decide to go check that out.


When I reach the place where the stone is, there is one round cracked bolder with several holes and a rope made out of tree skin around it. It kind of reminds me of Shimenawa which is using rice straw rope instead. I don’t know how they make a rope out of tree skin but I guess it is possible.

Me: “Why is this… what?”

While I am questioning this so called Celestial Stone, I hear someone walking towards me behind my back. Before I get to turn around and look at who it is something pointy push against my back. Great, someone is going to kill me if I do something wrong now.

Girl?: “Why are you here?”

Me: “Huh? That voice, Yuuki?”

Yuuki: “How did you know?”

Me: “Your English always have that heavy Japanese accent.”

When I turn around, what I see is not the Yuuki I remember. She now looks like a beautiful sorceress who is extremely charming.

Me: “You are Yuuki right?”

Yuuki: “I know I look different from almost two months ago, but is it that much?”

Me: “Yes also, since you are here, I assume you are staying at the inn here as well then.”

Yuuki: “Yeah, I guess you are here to deliver the medicine?”

Me: “Oh, you know about that. Yeah, I’m on a quest to escort the man who brought medicine. Though I guess the quest is done now.”

Yuuki: “Are you leaving already?”

Me: “No, my friends and I from the academy decides to stay here tonight. We got some catching up to do as well.”

Yuuki: “That is true, let’s talk during dinner. It will soon be time for dinner anyways. I’ll bring my friends over too.”

I nods and then we start heading back to the inn. We made some light chat, mostly talking about the difference between this world and ours. I can’t wait to surprise Dia and others.


Yuuki: “Sorry we are late; I had to find my teacher.”

The four of us look at Yuuki and her group. There are four people behind her, three men and a woman who dress like a scholar. I guess that woman is her teacher.

Yuuki: “Let me introduce them. He is Jerit Timulong. He is also a first year student and is within the top 50 in the ranking. What is amazing is he is a healer.”

I look at Jerit, he is a small man… no a boy who looks like a middle school kid. He looks at me with a sharp glare then speaks to Yuuki.

Jerit: “Is this poor looking woman your friend? Yuuki, you really need to pick better friends. Those swordsmen at Lupher Academy don’t appreciate magic at all.”

WHAT A COCKY KID! I want to scream and teach him a lesson on how to show respect but I swallow it. Getting worked up from a kid would be really immature.

Me: “I agree, most swordsmen in our academy don’t appreciate magic that much.”

Then I proceed with a small nod. Dia nod together with me while Miyu just stay silent. Germ on the other hand, he looks away to avoid any eye contact. Seriously, that is just such a bad way to hide one’s thought. Eventually, most of us start staring at him with suspicious eyes.

Germ: “I’m sorry okay? I am trying to change my view after I lost to Naomi. Stop looking at me like that.”

Jerit: “And you are?”

Germ: “My name is Germakician Trikrag. I know my given name is long so just call me Germ. I am a Heavy Knight by the way.”

Me: “What!? Germakician is your full first name?”

Germ: “You didn’t know? We are going to be together from now; you need to know more about me.”

Me: “Yeah sure, maybe another time.”

Yuuki suddenly starts giggling quietly for a bit but she holds it down soon after.

Yuuki: “Well Germ, I think you better use another name besides Germ. From where Naomi and I are from, that name sounds like a joke and it doesn’t have a good meaning. I think changing it Kician will be much better.”

Germ: “I see… Wait a second! Naomi, is that why you apologize to me?”

Me: “Yeah sorry.”

Germ sighs and is covering his head with a painful look.

Germ: “Then just call me Kician from now on. I can’t believe Germ had a bad reputation as a name.”

Germ then let out another sigh afterward. No, I should call him Kician from now on. It will probably take me a while to get used to calling him Kician since that name, Germ, is just too attractive, in a bad way.

After a brief silence, a man walks next to Yuuki and speaks up.

Man: “I’m next then. My name is Ikro Phrotasm. I may not look like it but I’m a Battle Mage.”

Battle Mage, a class that is similar to mage but specialize in close range magic combat. Battle Mage is more of a class that is to fight a swordsman in close quarter combat while still using mostly magic. His class is basically the same as mine, but in reverse. It is a very unpopular fighting style among magic users but I can’t say I’m in a position better than him.

Me: “A Battle Mage? I guess we are similar then.”

Ikro: “Similar? Something similar to Battle Mage… Spell Swordsman!?”

Me: “Yes, you guess that quite fast.”

Ikro: “Thank you, but you sure are one daring lady. Spell Swordsman are known to have huge flaw of unable to truly master anything at all. Battle Mage at the very least can master close range magics.”

Me: “Right but I want to have ways to deal with each different situation.”

Yuuki: “You always like to be versatile don’t you? Well, I guess I can’t say I’m much better. My class is Rune Caster, a versatile class as well.”

Dia then suddenly breaks into the conversation when Yuuki say she is a Rune Caster. Rune Caster is basically a magic enchanter but with wider range of usage. It is not a very common class anyone can just pickup. Her talent in magic really made it easy for her.

Dia: “Amazing! A first year Rune Caster. I am still only a swordsman, everyone here have unique class. Oh, I’m Dia Ademi by the way.”

As usual, some people who hears her family name starts gossiping. Though Yuuki and her friends doesn’t look like they are bothered by it.

Yuuki: “First of all, my element swing towards water and I think being a swordsman is fine.”

Then the last man from the back whom is the same size as Kician finally starts talking.

Man: “Right, you might just have more latent potential instead. I am Kaiz Foamske. My class is destruction mage.”

Dia: “Thanks, oh this girl over here is Miyujioni Tianro Fo Koriepher.”

Kaiz: “Are you perhaps from the wolf tribe in Granz Forest? Only the wolf demi human from that tribe have that nice hair color.”

Miyu: “Yes, but I do not wish to talk about it sir.”

Kaiz: “Sorry about that, I guess it bring painful memories to you.”

Me: “Well, I am Naomi Hajiura. As you guys know from earlier, I’m a Spell Swordsman.”

Woman: “I guess everyone done their introduction. As for me, I am Julis Markit. I am these four’s teacher and I myself is a Master Enchanter. I know you guys are here to escort the medicine delivery and thank you for that. As for us, we are here to repair the Celestial Stone.”

Dia: “When will it finish?”

Julis: “It should be done some time tomorrow. However, I am a bit worried about the time limit.”

Kician: “That is not good.”

Kician then look at me, Dia, and Miyu with serious face.

Kician: “Should we stay until they finish?”

Me: “Ehhh… just a second, what do you mean by time limit?”

Kician: “You don’t know about the time limit? What kind of sheltered child are you?”

Dia put her hand on Kician’s shoulder and give me a few petting.

Dia: “Ahhh ah. Don’t worry too much. Anyways, the time limit means the time period when the celestial Stone’s effect completely wears off. When that happens, monsters nearby might be attracted to the large number of people and attack the place.”

Me: “Then we should stay just in case. We did get free lodging after all.”

Yuuki: “You guys get to stay here for free? Lucky…”

Geor then walk towards us with plates of food in his hand.

Geor: “Well this is our special dish. My wife got better already and she insists on treating you folks her special dish. By the way, are you guys friend with each other?”

Jerit: “Don’t joke around! There is no way I am friends with those swordsmen.”

Geor: “Okay good, or else I will feel bad charging you people with full price while staying here. Hahaha…”

Geor happily walks away while laughing. Then Yuuki and others start staring at Jerit.

Ikro: “I told you several times to be nice to others. We are more or less friends now, why are you always so hot headed?”

Jerit: “Don’t you hate swordsman too? Why are you blaming me?”

Ikro: “I don’t hate swordsman, I hate people who don’t respect magic.”

Yuuki: “Enough, just drink this.”

Yuuki shove a mug of milk to Ikro making him drink it. Ikro then left a white mustache over his face with a fulfilling face.

Ikro: “Puha… Sorry for being mean.”

Me: “No problem?”

I know Ikro looks like a kid but I guess he is no better than a kid on the inside. Now I think of it, I don’t know how old Ikro is. Hmm, he might actually be a kid. Though before I am about to ask for his age, Julis claps her hands together.

Julis: “Alright now we know each other, let’s enjoy our meals before it gets cold.”

With that said, all of us agree and start our dinner. I didn’t think introducing ourselves would become such a hassle.


Sometime near the end of our dinner, Yuuki taps my shoulder.

Yuuki: “Congradulation, you deny it so hard back then but you do swing that way after all.”

Me: “What?”

Yuuki: “Don’t worry; I’ll be there to celebrate when it’s time. Kician said he will invite me just now.”

Me: “Ah, I see…”

Did Kician ask Yuuki for help as well? I look him and he just smiles back at me. I feel an unusual chill on my back but I think is not a big deal. If Yuuki is there to help, I’m sure whatever we are going to do will be easier.

Julis: “Well it’s getting late; we should rest up early and make sure we are in top shape tomorrow.”

With that said, we agree and sleep in early. I keep wonder what Kician want our help for however. Though he is not a bad person, it probably won’t be anything dangerous anyways.


Ding Ding Ding… Ding Ding Ding…

Me: “What is going on? Why is the bell ringing so much this early in the morning?”

Before I get to grasp what happened, Yuuki opens the door and ran into my room.

Yuuki: “Get up! A large group of goblins are coming. The village guard won’t be able to defend by themselves.”

Dia: “So the monsters are able to enter now. I guess we reach the time limit.”

While saying that, everyone start to put on their equipment.

Miyu: “Hurry up and get ready, Naomi.”

Me: “Alright alight.”

Yuuki: “Once you guys are ready, please come down so we can divide our jobs.”

We nod and proceed with our preparation. This somehow ends up being joined operation. After we go meet up, we immediately separate into three groups.

First group consist of Dia, Jerit, and Ikro. They will be the one helping the guards in the front line.

Second group is Yuuki, Miyu, and I. We are the one who will be doing the damage control in the village together with few villagers who are willing to fight.

As for the group three, it is with Kician, Kaiz, and Julis. Kician and Kaiz are there to protect Julis while she will try to finish the new Celestial Stone.

I think this is a good way to operate consider our classes. We head out and start doing our jobs to minimize casualties and damages.

I totally did not plan the goblin attack at all… NOPE! This one is news to me… Sigh, I can’t believe I am making these boring text here. Someone shoot me…

Chapter 14 – Escort to Kenshin Village

How long do we have to wait? Miyu, Dia, and I had been sitting here waiting for our client for almost an hour.

Me: “Is this guy ever going to show up?”

Dia: “It has only been 40 minutes. Don’t get so impatient.”

Me: “Fine…”

While I am complaining and Dia is trying comfort me, Miyu is just sitting beside me quietly in a perfect sitting posture. Watching her sitting like that the whole time is making me feel tired.

Me: “Miyu, you should relax a little.”

Miyu: “No, if our client sees us as a sloppy group, he can request a different group for his escort.”

Dia and I: “Really?”

Miyu sighs then continues.

Miyu: “I understand why master doesn’t know but Dia, you should know this.”

Dia: “I know, I just feel like going along with Naomi.”

Me: “That just makes me feel stupid.”

Miyu: “That is because you are.”

I can’t help but pause there for a few second. Dia does the same and after a while, Miyu suddenly freaks out.

Miyu: “Ah… no… I’m sorry. That was really rude of me.”

Me: “Don’t worry, that is more or less the truth. My knowledge is way too little.”

Man: “Then I assume you don’t know what kind of place Kenshin Village is.”

A man who was walking by suddenly cut into our conversation. He is wearing very normal clothes but has a little bit of herbal smell on him. He mentions Kenshin Village so he might be our client. I still should ask who he is just in case.

Me: “Excuse us but who are you?”

Man: “My name is Geor and I’m your client. Sorry but I found someone reliable so I’m going to cancel this job with you girls.”

Miyu: “That is why I said you should act properly.”

Geor: “Sorry but that is not the reason. I would rather have cheerful girls as my escort but someone just saved me from some burglars. I saw his strength and he is willing to escort me.”

Dia: “Is it possible for us to negotiate?”

Then a man slowly walks up behind Geor. When I take a looks at him, it is Germ. When he looks at us, he look excited for some reason.

Me: “Germ?”

Germ: “Naomi? Wait; are you the one who were supposed to escort him?”

Geor: “Are you two acquaintances?”

Germ: “Yes but I wish we are more than just acquaintance.”

Me: “What do you mean by that? Anyways, I still haven’t apologized to you.”

Germ: “What? I don’t think you done anything wrong to me.”

Me: “I thought you were the one abusing power to win, but that wasn’t the case. So I want to apologize for accusing you.”

Dia: “Same here, sorry.”

Germ: “Don’t be. I was too oblivious to even realize that was happening. I am at fault as well.”

Geor: “Sorry to interrupt but he is the one I am hiring.”

Germ: “If I may say something. If you want someone strong to escort you, then you might want to hire Naomi instead.”

Geor: “Are you saying this missy here is stronger than you?”

He then walks up close to me then start feeling my arm for muscle.

Geor: “You do have some muscle but I doubt you are that strong.”

Germ: “It’s embarrassing to say but she knocked me out in one hit.”

Geor: “Hmm, I want to take your word for it but I don’t have enough money to pay for the four of you.”

Dia: “How about we split the three gold silver?”

Germ: “I don’t mind.”

I nod in response but something is bothering me. This whole time, Germ only looks at me. He said he is not bother by our accusation but maybe he is really bothered that. I should probably make it up to him somehow.

Geor: “Alright, that is fine with me. Let’s hurry up then, we already lost quite an amount of time.”

Dia: “Before that, do you mind me asking why you are going to that village?”

Geor: “It is my home and I need to bring medicine back. Our Celestial Stone got destroyed by some guy and some of us got sick from the monster miasma.”

Me: “Monster Miasma?”

Miyu: “People who are not spiritually strong will get sick when exposed to the Monster Miasma for long period of time.”

Geor: “Yes, and I need to bring the medicine back. My wife is one of the few who got sick too.”

Me: “Then we should really hurry then.”

Afterward, we do our final checks on our equipment and supply and then we set off. Exiting the city is much easier than entering. I still remember we had to wait in a room for three different examinations that last total of two hours. I still don’t understand why you need to go through such annoying procedure to enter.


We have continuously walked for three hours.  It is almost time for lunch and we agree on taking a break at the same time.

Dia: “I’ll keep a lookout, in case something shows up.”

Germ: “I will go find some nice wood for the cooking then.”

Miyu: “Then I will guard Geor.”

Geor: “Then that leaves the cooking to Naomi. I’ll look forward to our lunch.”

Me: “What?”

Geor: “It is more or less the tradition to avoid cooking when going on a quest.”

Me: “No I mean why do I have to cook? There are rations.”

Miyu: “True; but fresh food rots much faster.”

I spat out a sigh and admit defeat. They knew I didn’t know about this and they just jumps ahead and calling out jobs they can do.

Me: “Alright fine, but don’t expect anything amazing.”


With the ingredients we have, I decide to make some fried rice. It is something simple and hard to fail. I just have to throw in some stuff here and there then cook them properly.

Me: “How is it?”

Miyu is just eating quietly and doesn’t respond. Dia gives me thumbs up. However, the other two seems to have something else to say.

Geor: “Not bad I guess, my wife can make something much better than this.”

Germ: “I prefer something with stronger flavor.”

Me: “If you two don’t like it, then don’t eat and cook your own food.”

Geor quietly eats his food after I said that. Germ does the same but after a few bite, he says something weird.

Germ: “Not only are you strong, your cooking is decent as well. Naomi, will you help me expanding the Trikrag family?”

Me: “If is something I can help you with, then sure.”

Since I still feel bad about the accusation I did before, I respond to him on reflex. At the same time as I say that, Dia, Miyu, and Geor freeze up and stare at me.

Me: “Is something wrong? I didn’t mix anything bad in there did I?”

Dia: “No, the food is fine. I just didn’t expect you to say yes so fast.”

Germ: “Same, most people will think for a few days until answering. I was afraid of you rejecting me immediately.”

Me: “Well I don’t have a reason to say no.”

Germ smiles and the others do too. However, the smiles on everyone’s face but Germ seem a bit dry. Did I just agree to something bad? I don’t think that is the case at all. Well, we need to get moving soon.

Me: “Ehhh, so is everyone done? We should probably clean up and get moving.”

We clean up and start moving again. We walk until we half of us got tired. Once we recover, we continue walking. The cycle keeps going until night fall. We did run into a highwayman but we manage to stop him without any trouble.

Geor: “We came quite far in one day. We will probably arrive at the village sometime in the afternoon.”

Dia: “Right, so what are we having for dinner?”

Dia looks at me as if it is my job again.

Me: “I’m going to cook again?”

Germ: “You are probably the only one who can actually cook.”

I sigh once more and start looking at what we have. For some reason, I feel like a housewife being told to get into the kitchen and cook. It is not pleasant feeling but doing outdoor cooking is actually a bit fun.

Among our supply, I found a small package covered by leafs in the food supply. I only check if there is enough food and didn’t look inside it before. When I open the package, it is actually some kind of red meat being preserved in some kind of icy frost that doesn’t melt easily when I touch it. I decide to use it to make a stew. It shouldn’t be too hard to make and as long as I add enough ingredients and cook it long enough, the flavor should be nice. I’m not a chef so I can only copy what my mom did back home.


Me: “It’s done.”

Geor: “It took you a while this time.”

Dia: “Yeah, you didn’t burn our food right?”

Me: “I have no idea how is it possible to burn stew, but I guess it did take quite a long time.”

Germ: “Well, let’s eat!”

When we start eating the stew, it is better than I expected. I can see on everyone’s face that they like this stew as well.

Germ: “Even though you use marble beef, to bring out this much flavor… It is impressive.”

Geor: “Agreed, it still can’t match my wife’s cooking but this is quite good.”

Dia: “Naomi, I appoint you to be our chef from now on.”

Me: “Wait a second; don’t just throw all the cooking to me!”

I look at Miyu for help but she stays silent. Though she tries to stay neutral, her face says otherwise. Come on, just because I manage to cook something good, why do I have to do all the cooking? I complain but I know there isn’t much I can do. When we finish eating, we decide on our night shifts and sleep.

The order of shifts is Miyu to Dia to Germ to me. Each of us will watch for about an hour and half. Since Miyu is the first one, the rest of us go to sleep together. When I am laying down, I check for any changes in my stats. Then I notice something stupid in my Ability.


Name: Naomi Hajiura

Original Name: Naoka Hajiura

Sex: Female

Age: 18

Title: Dimension Traveler

Class: Spell Swordsman

Combat Power: 468

Ability Power: 240




Strength: 8

Dexterity: 5

Intelligent: 5

Agility: 5

Constitution: 6+2

Luck: 5+5

-Status Effect-

-Dimension Traveler: +2 Constitution, +5 Luck

-Spell Swordsman: Health and Stamina recovers 20% faster


Lv7 Slave Seal: Gain ownership of Miyujioni Tianro Fo Koriepher


Lv2 Beauty: Your appearance is better than average, most people think you are good looking

Lv3 Cool Headed: In most cases where people may lose their cool, you are able to still think clearly as long as your life is not in danger.

Lv2 Multilingual: You are able to read and speak in different language

Lv3 Medical Knowledge, you can identify common injury and perform first aid treatment well with some herbal knowledge.

Lv2 Hampor Geography: You know most of the countries and major locations on Hampor continent.

Lv2 Cooking: You can make acceptable meals effectively with good seasoning.


Lv3 Breath Control: You know the basic of breathing technique for combat.

Lv2 Sharp Vision: You are able to notice every movement if you focus hard on it

Lv3 Sword Mastery: You are a swordsman. It is possible to learn grade D or lower sword skill.

Lv3 Iron Edge: Capable of launching shock-wave at your target. This attack can do good damage to unarmored enemies.

Lv2 Mana Manipulation: You are able to control the mana and manifest it in basic shapes.

Lv4 Mana Bomb: Create a bomb that is made from Mana Manipulation. This Bomb and be detonate manually or by impact. It is also possible to control the explosion.

Lv2 Magic Theory: You are adapted to the existence of magic.

Lv2 Footwork: You know not only the basic footwork for combat, but you are able to change and utilize them effectively.


Level two cooking, what is going on here? I only cooked like twice and I have level two cooking already. Sure, the two meals I made were quite good overall, but that shouldn’t grant me level two cooking. I am really confused on how these level work now. As for beauty, I understand why my Beauty went up since I did start taking care of my image a little more. I won’t like it if by the time I turn back into a man, I turn ugly because I didn’t take care of my look while as a woman. Well enough thinking, I should sleep and rest up.


When the morning comes, we set off early and manage to reach the village earlier afternoon. We did run into a small group of stray goblins. We did have hard time as first due to having all four of us on the front line. However, when I decide to move to the back line and bomber them with Mana Bomb instead, it becomes a easy battle. I guess our party balance is just really bad right now.

when we reach the village, there are actually quite a number of people sick. At the same time, there are a few people wearing magician like clothing.

Geor: “Follow me; my family owns the inn here. I can let you four rests at my place for today.”

Others and I thank him and follow him to his home. The inn is not bad but it is currently filled with people. Each one of us decides to look around the village and regroup during dinner.

No, I am not trying to increase Naomi’s girl power. That is definitely not my intention here in this chapter. Okay, just stop thinking about it… things just… happened. Just leave your thoughts below like always = =!

Chapter 13 – The Day of Picking Up First Quest

A few days have passed since Miyu became my slave. She had actually said some crazy stuff that day. The one thing she said seemed to echo through my mind,  “As a slave knight, I will fulfill my duty as a slave as well as a knight. I knew this is going to happen sooner or later, I just didn’t expect the ritual to be done while I was a sleep.” However, this is not the time to be bothered by that. Dia and I have decided to take on a quest and we just arrived at quest house too.

I check around to see if Jack or James is around but no luck. I guess the chances of us meeting each other are really low after all. We head over to the lady at the assistance counter to fill out documents since this is the first time both of us taking up quest. I expected Dia to have done one or two quests already but nope, she has no experience at all

Assistance:  “Welcome to the Lupher Quest House, how may I help you?”

Dia: “We are here to fill out the first time documents. We are students from the academy.”

Assistance: “Understood, may I have both of your names please? Since you two are students, all I need to do is register the name and connect it to the academy’s database.”

Seriously, this world’s operation efficiency is too powerful. I wish sending out applications can be processed this fast. I doubt registering normally would take long either.

Dia: “I’m Dia Ademi.”

She tries to say her family name quietly but it seems like few people still heard her name. Is her family’s reputation really this bad? Well, looking at people’s reactions, it is very bad.

Assistance: “Done, due to your recent performance and background, it is possible to issue you a Class E Questing License with 1 full silver coin fees.”

Dia: “How about my friend here? Her name is Naomi Hajiura.”

Assistance: “Let’s see, Naomi Hajiura right?”

Me: “Yes.”

She shows a surprised face soon after.

Assistance: “I can issue you a class D Questing License right away, free of fees too. I didn’t expect myself to be able to help an elite.”

She spoke in a loud voice; her excitement got the better of her. The people near us were gossiping about Dia, but it all stopped and shows the same face this lady was making when they hear I’m an Elite. The gossip towards Dia have immediately turns to me instead.

Dia: “In that case, I will get the class E license.”

She then turns to me.

Dia: “Sorry, I can only get up to Class E. I don’t think we can do quests together then.”

I tilt my head a little and wonder what she mean.

Me: “Eh? Hmm…. Does that mean Class D can only take Class D quests?”

Dia: “No no no, you can take any class below your license.”

Me: “Then there is no problem, I have never done a quest before so starting with something easier will be nice.”

Dia: “Okay, then I will work on to get myself a Class D license as soon as possible.”

Me: “By the way, what kind of quests can each class take?”

Assistance: “I can answer that for you in detail. The classes range from F to S. A Class F quests are mostly about helping out activities inside the city while involves absolutely no danger. The Class E quests similar, but they may post little danger and some quests can reach out of the city. Some good examples of these quests are normal escort and rural area delivery.”

Me: “So class F and E are basically quests that shouldn’t have anything that can endanger one’s life.”

Assistance: “Correct, however this change at Class C. A Class C will have quests like monster extermination but only monsters up to rank D. The rest are essentially the same until class S. People with Class S questing license are able to take any quest, but the number of S class licenses is limited to 1000. If someone is qualified and wishes to obtain S class license, there is only two ways: Either by defeating a class S holder or wait until there is an available spot.”

Me: “I see, I guess who ever holds class S license is insanely strong.”

Miyu: “No, you can obtain class S right by having a lot of accumulated quest points as well as high success rate.”

Miyu suddenly popped out from nowhere. She stands between me and Dia. Miyu is wearing her armor and yet, I didn’t even notice her walking up close.

Me: “Don’t scare me like that, but is that true?”

Assistance: “Yes, your slave knight knows quite a bit. Also here, the licenses are done.”

The lady hand us our license and we thanks her. The three of us proceed to the quest board. However, a lot of people have their eyes on us. Don’t they realize staring at three girls is just horrible? Well I shouldn’t be saying this but I feel disappointed that none of the men are looking at us with lecherous eyes. I am actually starting to think this female version of me is really cute. I guess the three of us just stands out in a bad way. I guess we should just pick a quest and get out of here.

Me: “What kind of quest do you want? There is actually quite a few.”

Dia: “Something that will give us decent amount of money.”

Me: “Wait, are you short on money? I thought you still have quite a bit few days ago.”

Dia: “That is a secret.”

Miyu: “She got this for me.”

Miyu shows me her sword. The sword she was using before was a normal one. This one however, had a design that fits her armor. I had actually thought about getting her a better weapon since the only thing in her equipment that is decent is her armor.

Me: “And here I thought I should get you a weapon with the money we get from the quest. How much is that sword?”

Dia: “It’s not that much. I only had enough for a decent sword too.”

Miyu: “It’s 2 gold silver. It is a sword that was in a display case.”

I don’t even know what to say. Two gold silver is a lot of money.

Me: “Why?”

Dia: “Well I… I thought maybe Miyu would like to have something nice. You don’t seem to give her anything as a reward so…”

Me: “Wait a second, reward for what?”

Dia: “Miyu follow you all the time, looking after one’s master constantly is not easy.”

Right, ever since the way Miyu became my salve, she follows me everywhere. I try telling her to leave me alone for a few hours but she says it is her duty. She follows me around at least 10 hours a day. I feel embarrassed every time she calls me master. So I decided to ignore her unless I need something from her. Who knew that would escalate into Dia giving her a new sword as a reward. Whatever the case, it just doesn’t make sense.

Me: “I will pay you back. Although I am a little jealous her sword is probably better than mine now.”

Miyu quickly sheaths her sword and hold it up as if she is offering it to me.

Miyu: “I’m sorry; I didn’t realize this sword is better than yours.”

Me: “Nah, don’t worry. Your sword skill might be better than mine. We never fought before but since I practice both sword and magic, you will win in a sword only match. It is better for you to use a weapon that can match your skill.”

Dia: “Is that so? I don’t think that is how it works.”

Me: “Well a swordsman’s sword hasto be good right? If the sword is bad and breaks in a fight, that becomes a fatal weakness. As for me, I would still have magic to work with. I don’t think my logic is weird, right?”

Miyu: “It is weird.”

Dia nods in response. Am I really weird? I think it is the most logical thing to do.

Dia: “Normally the slave use the inferior weapon and armor. If the slave has better equipment, normally the master will just take it away.”

Miyu: “Yes, and it is also possible for a slave to be used as a source of income.”

Me: “What?”

A few ideas come to mind but I don’t want to go there. They mean to work normally and earn salary right? I hope I’m right on this one.

Miyu: “A female slave such as myself can be used as sex slave and put into prostitution. There are noble that will pay a large sum of money just to have sex with good looking slaves.”

I let out a huge sigh in respond. I didn’t want that to be the case, yet it is exactly the case. I hate it when my first thoughts are spot on in these situations. Why couldn’t I process this well when the stupid slave ritual was happening right in front of me? I spat out another sigh soon after.

Me: “Anyways, let’s just hurry up and pick a quest.”

Miyu: “How about this one?”

She points at an escort quest.

Me: “Let’s see. I need someone to help me get to Kenshrin Village. I am carrying medicine for the illness that is passing around in that village. This medicine is quite expensive and I cannot effort to lose them by bandits and such.”

The content is simple. Help me get to this place and I will pay you. Then I look at the payment.



1 gold silver per person. Maximum 3 personnel.


Me: “That is quite a bit of money.”

Dia: “That is because Kenshin Village is almost two days away from here. It didn’t say this quest include lodging so we will have to pay those ourselves.”

Me: “I see, we have to supply ourselves and that is why the payment is one gold silver.”

Miyu: “Some people can make insane demands and cause the requester a lot more money than this amount. It is possible to make that person pay for equipment repairs and potions they could possibly need. Just by those two alone, it can easily use up 1 gold silver along with minimum payment the requester needs to pay.”

Me: “Ouch that would really hurt. So I guess these kinds of payment have higher minimum pay but the requester doesn’t need to bother with those expenses.”

Dia: “Yeah, however because of this, not many people are willing to take it. Most adventurers are greedy after all.”

Miyu: “Yeah, it is sad when you think about it.”

I nod in agreement. People shouldn’t be blinded by greed. Such acts will come back and bite them in the back later.

Me: “Then let’s do this one?”

Dia: “Sure, the pay is pretty good too.”

We take down the quest paper and give it to the assistance lady.

Assistance: “I have received and verified the class of you two. I will contact the client to come tomorrow morning. Please be ready by then.”

Me: “Wait, how about Miyu? That should be three of us.”

Miyu: “I’m your possession. I may be count as personnel but I’m still yours. As long as you are allowed to do the quest, you can take me along.”

Me: “Is that how it works?”

The lady nods and gives me a smile.

Assistance: “Yes, that is why a lot of people wish to own a slave. They are very useful after all.”

Me: “Right…”

After I turn around, I sigh once more. I just can’t comprehend the moral of this place. Are slaves really that good? I can’t deny the possibility that the teaching back in my world may have hid some fact about slavery being effective but… I don’t think the positive results can outweigh the negative.

Me: “I guess we will just have to wait until tomorrow. Let’s head back and rest up.”

Dia: “I’m going to buy some potions first, you two go on.”

Me: “The academy gives us basic supplies when we go questing with class E or above right? Do you really need more?”

Dia: “I just want to make sure we have enough.”

I guess it is better to be extra prepared than be sorry when something bad actually happens.

Me: “Alright let me go with you then. I should probably buy some too.”

When we enter the shop, there is a guy at the counter. However this guy is dresses in a fashion that can burn my eyes.  He is a big tanned man wearing a pink sailor outfit. I try not to look at him and just look at the potions we can use. There is all kind of potions in this shop. Even potions that can buff one’s stats are available.

In the end, we each got three small health potion and one small stamina potion. The price of each small health potion is one silver and the small stamina potion is twelve copper. I’m not sure why stamina potion is more expensive but running out of stamina can be a larger problem than low on health. By the way, small health potion can recover 80 points and stamina can recover 30 points.

Me: “This is too much like a game…”

I mumbled but Dia and Miyu seem to hear it.

Dia: “Game?”

Miyu: “You say some weird stuff.”

Me: “No it’s nothing, let’s go back and rest up.”

Both of them nod and we head back to the academy. We make sure our equipment is in good condition and then head to bed early.

I know, this is more or less a boring chapter. I didn’t want to keep writing story within the academy though… Oh well, I hope this chapter was decent and build the world a little more. What do you boy and girls think?